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The warm tones of world class analog front-end meets the convenience of digital control, automation and editing.

Connected to three recording spaces, a 180-square feet live room, a 25-square feet dry vocal booth, and a 60-feet piano room - this is Studio A, Beep Studios’ premium recording space. Built upon a custom Analog/Digital hybrid board, the aim is to give you the best environment possible for your recording your album or project. For the gear nerd, Studio A has built-in preamps, EQ's and compressors from Phoenix Audio, Great River, Tubetech, Amek TAC Neve, Langevin, Manley, SSL, Lindell, Inward Connections, Focusrite, SSL, Lucid and Apogee Converters as well as Focal and Yamaha Monitoring.

For a detailed equipment outline, please download the full list here.

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Whether you’re writing, editing, mixing or mastering music, you’ll like Studio B’s tight, no frills setup for the producer/musician.

Studio B is the neat pocket-tool of Beep Studios: a multi-use space for artists-in-residence, tight band set-ups, or solo producers with various production needs. The studio has a 20-square feet recording booth, and is built around an iMac running RME and Apogee convertors, a Presonus Central Station monitor controller, an Audient Summing Mixer and Adam and Dynaudio monitoring. Enquire this space now for your solo use/artist-residence needs.

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